Understand the service

Understanding the Service

SamTrans’ Ride Plus is an on-demand, shared ride public transportation service. It offers convenient pick up and drop off at addresses specified by passengers within the Half Moon Bay/El Granada and East Palo Alto/Belle Haven service areas. Trips can be scheduled for same day service or up to seven days in advance. Passengers traveling outside the Ride Plus service area must plan on transferring from Ride Plus to a fixed-route bus or other transportation mode to complete their trip.

Contact Us

Call Center: Support is available 6:00 a.m. to 10: 00 p.m. daily.

  • Phone: (650) 238-5880

  • You can book your trip and get help with cancellations, trip confirmations, complaints, lost and found, and other requests from the Call Center team. 

  • Please leave a message with your contact information if no one is available, and staff will return your call as soon as possible.

  • Alternative Ride Plus contact methods:

Service Areas

East Palo Alto/Belle Haven

This service area includes the entire city of East Palo Alto and the Belle Haven neighborhood of Menlo Park. The neighborhood boundary is Kelly Park to the west, US-101 to the south, the Dumbarton rail corridor to the north, and Willow Road to the east.

Half Moon Bay/El Granada

This service area includes Pillar Ridge Manufactured Home Community to the north, Santa Cruz Mountains to the east, Miramontes Point Road to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Service Hours

Ride Plus is available between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. for Half Moon Bay/El Granada and 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. for East Palo Alto/Belle Haven daily.

Booking a Trip

There are three ways to book a trip:

  1. Download the SamTrans Ride Plus mobile app. Book on the mobile app at any time.  App available from

Google Play and Apple Store.

2. Book online at


3. Call (650) 238-5880 between 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM daily

Booking Tips

  • Arrival Time: When booking, in the “Departure time” section, select the “Arrival before” option to ensure you are dropped off at your destination on time.

  • Passenger Number: When booking a trip, passengers will be asked to mark how many passengers are traveling with them and how each person will pay their fare. For non-wheelchair accessible vehicles, passengers can book up to 11 seats. For wheelchair-accessible vehicles, passengers can book up to seven seats plus one wheelchair securement space. Please remember that all passengers in one booking need to travel at the same time and get picked up and dropped off at the same location.

  • Service Area: Trips must begin and end in the defined service areas (see maps).

  • Track your Ride: The app allows you to track the vehicle approaching in real time and receive a precise drop-off time estimation.

  • Riders can check & modify future trips in “My bookings.”

  • Children under 11 must be accompanied by a responsible caregiver.


Fares on Ride Plus are the same as SamTrans fixed route buses as dictated in the SamTrans Fare Structure. All passengers will be charged the local fare based on their fare category (Adult, Youth, or Eligible Discount). Passengers certified for Redi-Wheels and RediCoast (ADA) paratransit and their personal care attendants pay Eligible Discount fares.

All SamTrans fare payment methods are accepted on Ride Plus and will be verified and accepted by the driver at pick-up.

You can find the full fare information here.

Riding with Children

Children under 11 must be accompanied by a responsible caregiver.

In compliance with California law, all passengers under age 8 or under 4’9” in height must ride in an appropriate Child Restraining System, such as a safety seat or booster in the back seat. All passengers under age 2 must ride in an appropriate rear-facing safety seat unless the child weighs 40 or more pounds or is 40 or more inches tall.

Caregivers must provide an appropriate safety seat and install it in the vehicle. Unfortunately, while drivers can provide information about LATCH attachment points, they cannot assist caregivers with installation.

You may request child safety seats needed when booking your ride in the "Equipment" section of the booking.

Seatbelt Policy

All passengers are subject to California's Mandatory Seat Belt law and must always wear both the lap belt and shoulder belt while riding Ride Plus. The belts are designed to protect passengers and drivers and to prevent injury. If you need help with your seatbelt, please ask the driver for assistance.

Passengers must comply with the Seatbelt Policy, or they will not be transported.


Thanks for riding SamTrans’ Ride Plus!




SamTrans Ride Plus 是一项公共交通服务,提供按需、共享乘车体验。在 Half Moon Bay/El Granada 和 East Palo Alto/Belle Haven 服务区域内,该服务可在乘客指定的地点提供便捷的接送服务。乘客可在当天安排行程,也可提前最多 7 天安排行程。如欲前往 Ride Plus 服务区域以外的地点,乘客必须做好规划,由 Ride Plus 转乘固定线路公交,或采用其他交通方式完成行程。


呼叫中心:服务时间为每天上午 6:00 至晚上 10:00。

·       电话:(650) 238-5880

·       您可以联系呼叫中心团队预订行程,以及获得有关取消行程、确认行程、投诉、失物招领等请求的帮助。 

·       如果无人接听,请留下您的联系方式,工作人员会尽快给您回电。

·       Ride Plus 的其他联系方式:

o   网站:

o   邮寄地址:San Mateo County Transit District
Attn: Bus Contracts
PO Box 3006
San Carlos, CA 94070


East Palo Alto/Belle Haven

此服务区域涵盖整个 East Palo Alto 市和 Menlo Park 的 Belle Haven 社区。社区边界西至 Kelly Park,南至 US-101,北至 Dumbarton 铁路走廊,东至 Willow Road。

Half Moon Bay/El Granada

此服务区域北至 Pillar Ridge Manufactured Home Community,东至 Santa Cruz Mountains,南至 Miramontes Point Road,西至 Pacific Ocean。



Ride Plus 在 Half Moon Bay/El Granada 的服务时间为每天上午 8:00 至下午 5:00,在 East Palo Alto/Belle Haven 的服务时间为每天上午 6:00 至晚上 10:00。



  1. 下载 SamTrans Ride Plus 移动应用程序。随时在移动应用程序上预订行程。可从

Google Play 和 Apple Store 下载应用程序。

  1. 在线预订:

  1. 拨打 (650) 238-5880 预订,服务时间为每天上午 6:00 至晚上 10:00


·       抵达时间:预订行程时,在“出发时间 (Departure time)”部分选择“抵达时间 (Arrival before)”选项,确保该服务将您准时送达目的地。

·       乘客人数:预订行程时,系统会要求乘客注明有多少位同乘人,以及每个人的车费支付方式。对于轮椅不可进入的车辆,乘客最多可预订 11 个座位。对于轮椅可进入的车辆,乘客最多可预订 7 个座位和 1 个固定放置轮椅的空间。请谨记,对于同一预订单中的所有乘客,出发时间和接送地点必须相同。

·       服务区域:行程的起点和终点必须在规定的服务区域(见地图)内。

·       跟踪您的行程:通过应用程序,您可以实时了解驶近的车辆和精确的预计下车时间。

·       乘客可以在“我的预订 (My bookings)”中查看和修改未来行程。

·       11 岁以下儿童必须由一名负责任的看护人陪同。


Ride Plus 票价将与《SamTrans 票价结构》(SamTrans Fare Structure) 所规定的 SamTrans 固定线路的票价相同。所有乘客将根据相应票价类别(成人票价、青少年票价或符合条件的优惠票价)支付本地票价。获得 Redi-Wheels 和 RediCoast (ADA) 辅助客运系统认证的乘客及其个人护理员将支付符合条件的优惠票价。

Ride Plus 接受 SamTrans 的所有车费支付方式,司机在接到乘客时会核实并接受付款。




11 岁以下儿童必须由一名负责任的看护人陪同。

根据加州法律,所有 8 岁以下或身高 4 英尺 9 英寸(约 145 厘米)以下的乘客必须使用适当的儿童约束系统,例如安全座椅或后座加高座椅。所有 2 岁以下的乘客必须使用合适的后向安全座椅,体重为 40 磅(约 18 千克)或以上或身高为 40 英寸(约 100 厘米)或以上的儿童除外。


您可以在预订行程时,在预订的“设备 (Equipment)”部分申请所需的儿童安全座椅。



所有乘客均须遵守加州强制系安全带法,在乘坐 Ride Plus 时必须始终系好膝部安全带和肩部安全带。这些安全带旨在保护乘客和司机,使其免受伤害。如对安全带有任何疑问,请向司机寻求帮助。